the big rail diversity challenge
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Women in Rail was created to improve diversity in the UK rail industry through a range of initiatives. As well as providing networking opportunities and support for all women within the sector, Women in Rail encourages companies and stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy, devising initiatives aimed at positioning rail as an attractive career choice for young people.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a hybrid of the classic 80s game shows ‘It’s a Knockout’ and ‘Krypton Factor’. By engaging gender-balanced teams in a series of fun physical, practical and mental team challenges, it provides participants with an opportunity to network, team build and fundraise in an informal environment.

“The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is an important step in the rail industry agenda. It openly tackles rail’s outdated image, demonstrates that the industry engages both men and women in equal measure and shows our sector’s commitment to improving gender balance, diversity and inclusion in order to create a more attractive, productive and successful workforce.”
Adeline Ginn MBE, founder of Women in Rail.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and continuing work of Women in Rail effectively show the business benefits attained when gender balance is improved, while raising awareness of women working across the rail industry.